Marcus De La Garza

5603 Tranquil Pond Place · Riverview, FL 33578 · (512) 913-0988 ·

I'm a commercial drone pilot with a passion for technology. My experience on the hardware side of building drones led to an interest in programming, which ultimately led me to Suncoast Developers Guild. As a recent graduate of SDG, I've learned the principles of full-stack web-development and I am excited to put my skills to use, as well as expand my knowledge base.

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Mural Book

Capstone: Suncoast Developers Guild

Mural Book was created after my wife and I had difficulty locating a few of the murals in the Tampa Heights neighborhood. I realized that having a database where you could preview the murals, discover the artists, and save your favorites would be a great way to get the community involved with the beautiful art that is all around us.

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React Beach Resort:

Router, Context, and Content Management Systems

Built as part of a guided project, this react single page application was chosen to develop my understanding of content management services, such as contentful, and to further develop my practical knowledge of react and javascript.

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Suncoast OverFlow

Group Project: Suncoast Developers Guild

Suncoast Overflow was a group project with Daniel Demerin and Stefan Bettaglio. We were tasked with creating a mobile version of StackOverflow so that a user could ask a question and view answers pertaining to coding. This project was very informative and allowed us to work on our source control after we developed a group review system for handling pull requests.

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Individual Project: React, JS, SCSS, HTML, API Web Services

After spending time learning C#, PostgreSQL, HTML, and CSS, we began learning javascript and react. At that point, this website was taken from a static mobile website that utilized only HTML and CSS to one that incorporated state and API calls. The octocats are stored in state after an API call is made, state is then mapped and passed to a component that renders each cat card.

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Suncoast Developers Guild

Full-Stack Web-Development

12 week immersive course. 60+ hour weeks spent working with: .Net Core, ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, Microsoft Identity Manager, C#, PostgreSQL, RESTful Web Services, Docker, Heroku, HTML 5, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, React, React Hooks, NPM, Yarn, VS Code.

February 2020 - May 2020

Texas State University

Political Science; History

GPA: 3.82

January 2010 - May 2012

Austin Community College

Political Science; History
January 2009 - December 2010

University of Minnesota

Political Science; History
August 2007 - December 2008


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Team Development
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Production/Delivery


If I'm not binge watching The Expanse for the fourteenth time, then you'll likely find me outside flying drones. Over the first quarter of 2020, I stepped away from drone racing and freestyle to attend Suncoast Developers Guild, but now that I'm back on a regular schedule my flights and simulator time are resuming. During the day you'll catch me working on web-dev projects, but come 4pm I'm flying outside or on the simulator. Check out the two videos below of some of the time that I've put in over the last year and a half.